Sunday, April 8, 2012

arizona time!

i got to go home at the end of march for a wedding! had a great time!
played with the nieces and nephews, family and friends! and loved it

cute davis and avery eating ice cream

we had our twinner outfits on!

of course i had to see my terin renee and her monkeys! they are just like their mommy and daddy...hilarious and lots of fun!

also had to spend time with the val vista/freestone park ward  girls!
tatum and jen
jewels and i

this kid seriously keeps me laughing! he is so funny and does anything to make people laugh...hence dressing up in lulu's dress! he was loving the attention and the fact that we were laughing and loving it!

my mom, toree and i spent the night out at devrys in buckeye...can you say out in the middle of nowhere?! jk it really wasn't that bad. we got to watch lulu play soccor, she did really well!

jayden is getting so big! she was trying so hard to walk while i was there!

and these boys together....chaos! but had me laughing so hard the whole time!
we stopped by the gilbert temple! they have a little trailor set up, you can go in and they'll tell you about the temple its really neat! then you get a piece of the temple!

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