Tuesday, May 29, 2012

family time!

i have the best famil! randy, his wife dev (who i dont even have pictured!!! what the, how did that happen. ps if you read this, pls send me one of us girls!) mimi and toby came to visit at the end of april. oh we had a blast! i took off everyday of work they were here (it was only like 4 days) but we had so much fun!
 hiking the Y...
 spoon on nose contest...
 goofing off in line...
 at the concert...
 being silly for the camera...like always...
 loving the concert

 eating out at 12am after the concert...(oh look i do have a pic of devlyn!)
 more eating out...
 and just having a blast...
i sure do wish i lived closer to my family :-)

kathy larsen

brandon's aunt kathy passed away in april from breast cancer. she battled it for about 6 yrs, and put up the most amazing fight ever. i didnt know her as well as i wish i could have. she was sick when i met her and it only got worse, so getting to know her was hard. i do know that she was the most kind, giving and knowledgeable person. she was there for me during my battle with cancer. bran and i would go down to her house about once a month and stay with her while her husband was out of town for work. i loved going to her house. she was so kind and loved talking to bran (about things i dont know much about). she had about every book known to man, so i would just pick one and read away.
 as family/friends talked about her during her funeral, i wish i would've gotten to know her better. she is the kind of person we all should strive to be like. she was charitable, kind, well educated, humble, an awesome missionary in her everyday life and so on. she had the BEST attitude towards life even though to most, looking at her life, wouldnt  have a good attitude. i tried very hard to be like her while going through my chemo.

 kathy you are already missed by so many!

oh milo...

so most of you know about this, so this is for those that dont know what happened. not only is the wound gross, but i look nasty so please ignore my grossness :-)
so i was on the floor playing with milo. i guess he thought i was being mean or getting to aggressive and he went to attack and i turned my head (thank goodness) and he got my ear. it kinda hurt, so i went to the mirror and started freaking out cause my EAR WAS GONE! i was crying and saying its so ugly. bran was so mad at milo!
so this is the night it happened
 this was the next day or two

 you cant really see this one very well (and i look so gross in this one....the angle is bad) but this was maybe a week or two later?
this was tonight (gross again). this all happened in feb. so this is now almost 4 mos later. i just wear big earrings :-) 

random pics

these are pics ive randomly taken, nothing too exciting
jersey girl eating an apple...trying to be all artsy...fail.
 my dog is more vogue than yours
 my findings at DI in arizona...another reason i love AZ :-)
seester time! 
 my nephew cooper....hes so awesome
 who has an excited husband like i do when the camera comes out?!
 gingers UNITE!
 mmm this is heaven
my tan :-) loved it...for the whole week i had it 
trying to see the eclipse 

Sunday, April 8, 2012


arizona time!

i got to go home at the end of march for a wedding! had a great time!
played with the nieces and nephews, family and friends! and loved it

cute davis and avery eating ice cream

we had our twinner outfits on!

of course i had to see my terin renee and her monkeys! they are just like their mommy and daddy...hilarious and lots of fun!

also had to spend time with the val vista/freestone park ward  girls!
tatum and jen
jewels and i

this kid seriously keeps me laughing! he is so funny and does anything to make people laugh...hence dressing up in lulu's dress! he was loving the attention and the fact that we were laughing and loving it!

my mom, toree and i spent the night out at devrys in buckeye...can you say out in the middle of nowhere?! jk it really wasn't that bad. we got to watch lulu play soccor, she did really well!

jayden is getting so big! she was trying so hard to walk while i was there!

and these boys together....chaos! but had me laughing so hard the whole time!
we stopped by the gilbert temple! they have a little trailor set up, you can go in and they'll tell you about the temple its really neat! then you get a piece of the temple!