Tuesday, May 29, 2012

kathy larsen

brandon's aunt kathy passed away in april from breast cancer. she battled it for about 6 yrs, and put up the most amazing fight ever. i didnt know her as well as i wish i could have. she was sick when i met her and it only got worse, so getting to know her was hard. i do know that she was the most kind, giving and knowledgeable person. she was there for me during my battle with cancer. bran and i would go down to her house about once a month and stay with her while her husband was out of town for work. i loved going to her house. she was so kind and loved talking to bran (about things i dont know much about). she had about every book known to man, so i would just pick one and read away.
 as family/friends talked about her during her funeral, i wish i would've gotten to know her better. she is the kind of person we all should strive to be like. she was charitable, kind, well educated, humble, an awesome missionary in her everyday life and so on. she had the BEST attitude towards life even though to most, looking at her life, wouldnt  have a good attitude. i tried very hard to be like her while going through my chemo.

 kathy you are already missed by so many!

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