Tuesday, May 29, 2012

oh milo...

so most of you know about this, so this is for those that dont know what happened. not only is the wound gross, but i look nasty so please ignore my grossness :-)
so i was on the floor playing with milo. i guess he thought i was being mean or getting to aggressive and he went to attack and i turned my head (thank goodness) and he got my ear. it kinda hurt, so i went to the mirror and started freaking out cause my EAR WAS GONE! i was crying and saying its so ugly. bran was so mad at milo!
so this is the night it happened
 this was the next day or two

 you cant really see this one very well (and i look so gross in this one....the angle is bad) but this was maybe a week or two later?
this was tonight (gross again). this all happened in feb. so this is now almost 4 mos later. i just wear big earrings :-) 

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Cassidy & Shawn Marshall said...

its all the rage didnt ya hear ( get it hear hahahha) im so lame. it doesn't look noticeable at all unless you point and stare real close- no biggy you look pretty as usual.